Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fusion4K 4K HDMI cable - 3ft Professional Series :: Review + Pics

I've usually sprung for cheap, disposable HDMI cables in the past but after using this one I can better understand the benefits of the higher priced, fancier cables. Most of the cheap ones have a thin cord that wears over time, this one has a very thick, well-protected and weaved line that could weather practically any type of usage.

The materials on display here are largely metals and minimal plastic (actually, the only plastic I can ascertain are the protective clips that keep the HDMI inputs safe) very tough stuff that looks lasting and feels very durable. It's backed by a one year guarantee but just observing the look and feel of this cable, I would think it to be tremendously long-lasting. 

Performance was as it should be, instantaneous transmitting of flawless audio and video between my TV and computer. The aesthetic is excellent, the gold decorative elements shine while the gold-plated tips are spotless and flawlessly designed. I would highly recommend this cable particularly to people who want a great-looking cord that is built to last. The only potential concern is choosing the right length, 3 ft is fine for my needs and media placements but most people would probably be better served by 6 ft+.

Overall, I highly recommend this HDMI cable!  And I'd like to thank Fusion4k for providing this item complimentary.

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