Sunday, January 24, 2010

Currently reading + To Read.

I've decided that this year I'm going to read more books. Back when I was a little kid I used to read voraciously, inspired by my father who has been a life-long bookworm. Nothing made me happier than going to Barnes And Noble or some other bookstore and drinking in the huge children's section. And my parents would usually say "You can only get one book." Only one book out of thousands?!?! I still wonder how on earth I managed to choose, heheh. :D

Through my teen years I practically stopped reading. Between music, art, movies, tv, drawing, computer stuff, and friends, I just forgot my old love for reading. :(

Well that is about to change!! I'm 23 years old now and finally going to get back into the joy of it. has been a huge, huge motivation as well as the countless book giveaways going on online everywhere.

Right now I'm reading The Thorn Birds. A 700 page tome. Maybe I should have started with something a bit shorter. ^^' Still, I've managed to get extremely far, only have 150 or so pages left. It is a great book, many twists and turns and ups.. unfortunately downs, too. Some of the plot turns disappointed me. Others were thrilling and worthwhile. Great book after all, worthy of its renown.

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